The bookies don’t want you to know these 5 simple techniques to winning at betting

The bookies don’t want you to know these 5 simple techniques to winning at betting

By its very nature, gambling is a risky method to pass the time or even try to make money. However, if used responsibly, it can also add some pleasure and excitement while watching sports.

But how can you maximize your wager? What is the best approach to avoid the bookies’ gimmicks that try to entice you inside?

Finding the best value for your money is the key. If you follow these advice from a former employee of a betting shop, you might be able to get the most out of your gambling experience, whether it’s the correct prices, the ideal markets, or even the optimum time to place your bet.

1. Be well-versed in your sport

It’s important to consider how well each football club has performed on offense and defense, not just which squad has won its last six games. Were they fortunate or just competent at retaining their possessions?

Which tennis player is fighting with their coach right now? Although that golfer may have won two major tournaments this year, how much links course experience does he actually have?

These forms of information will help you make smarter betting decisions and will better equip you to identify those markets that offer good value.

2. Favorites don’t always prevail

Although it appears basic to mention, it is challenging for any bettor to disregard the price bookmakers have provided.

A good instance? Rafael Nadal was the overwhelming favorite when he faced Fabio Fognini at the Barcelona Open back in April. With some, he was just 1/10th as tall.

This might seem reasonable on the surface. Nadal has a record-breaking eight victories in this tournament, making him the King of Clay.

The fact that Fognini had recently defeated Nadal in Rio de Janeiro on clay was something the bookmakers had missed. When you add this to Fognini’s track record of defeating top seeds, his 8/1 pricing becomes quite alluring.

Nadal was ultimately defeated by Fognini in straight sets.

3. Don’t simply use one bookmaker; compare them all

In the betting industry, brand loyalty is highly valued. Companies will try to persuade you to wager with them and them alone because this market is so competitive.

The goal is the same whether this is done through multiple reward programs or exclusive in-store deals. Do not let them convince you that you should not compare prices.

Examine the promotions offered for particular wagers. Because it’s one of the most common wagers in football, each bookmaker has their own take on the first goalscorer market.

If your guy scores twice, Betfred will double the odds; if he scores three times, Betfred will triple the odds.

Contrarily, Ladbrokes will quadruple the odds if he scores inside 25 minutes, and you’ll likely find that the majority of other bookmakers have their own variation to try and lure you inside their establishment rather than someone else’s.

Which of these offerings will best suit you for any specific match should be clear to you from your investigation. Be adaptable and willing to put in the extra effort.

4. The more options available, the better

Despite the fact that it appears obvious, gamblers frequently overlook this. Your chances of winning increase as you make fewer selections in your wager.

Think modest, not big, while placing a wager to win money. a single team, or pick, if you have enough stake. at most three or four. You’ll truly be in cloud cuckoo land after you put that 20-fold accumulator on.

Most of the money that bookmakers lose on singles. A high-roller entering a shop and wagering £10,000 on a 4/6 shot would be an extreme example.

Just one single at even money, yet the store’s sales would need to total £6,666 just to cover that dividend.

You should feel somewhat safe betting £5 or £10 on one choice if you complete enough homework. However, if you really want a greater payoff, trebles typically yield a respectable return.

5. Refrain from being tempted by odds-on offers.

Do not add odds-on picks to your accumulator if you do find yourself sorely needing that long-shot wager on a Saturday afternoon. For almost little extra money, you’re drastically reducing your chances of winning.

Tennis makes it quite simple to accomplish this. It’s the first week of a Grand Slam, and you can see that all of the best players have been paired up against relative outsiders.

To attempt and win some simple money, grouping them all together in a multiple seems like a wonderful idea. But doing so would be wrong.

Tennis is known for having exorbitant match-betting pricing, so even if you put the world’s best players in a ten-fold, you would only manage to scrape returns at that.

When any one loss at, say, a price of 1/8 will cause your entire wager to lose money, is it really worth £10 to just double your money? Most likely not.

It would be wiser to conduct some research, identify a promising player with a favorable draw, and support them at a lower cost.

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